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Credit Life and Disability Insurance


Purchasing credit life and disability insurance wasn’t something Kim Stotts had ever done before. But when she fell and injured her shoulder requiring surgery, Kim was glad she had.

“I walked into UARK and my loan officer came out of her office, took one look at me with my arm in a sling and said ‘We need to talk.’”

“She filed my papers that day and I was so relieved. The hospital I worked at had failed to give me the packet for my short term disability which delayed it for weeks. If I had not had this insurance, for the first time in my adult working life, I would not have been able to pay my loans and would have lost my truck and 4 wheeler.”

Is your loan protected from the unexpected? Call your loan officer today to find out how to add payment protection!

AmyAmy  Braswell, Fayetteville Branch Consumer Loan Officer

Email: abraswell@uarkfcu.com

Phone:  479-521-1145

Beth Kvamso, Mortgage Loan Officer

Email: beth@uarkfcu.com

Phone:  479-521-0136

NMLS # 1135347
BrockBrock Ratton, UAMS Branch Consumer Loan Officer

Email: brock@uarkfcu.com

Phone: 501-686-6466

Serena Hampton, Senior Mortgage Loan Officer

Email: serena@uarkfcu.com

Phone: 479-521-1169

NMLS# 332655