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Free GAP Insurance with refinanced auto loan


Free GAP?!?!?!?



           If you don't know what GAP Insurance is, here is the scoop:


Guaranteed Asset protection (GAP) helps protect your vehicle loan. Unfortunately, there are accidents and a lot of the times the auto insurance company doesn't pay the loan balance in full. New and used vehicles don't always hold their value especially if you have a long term loan payment plan. So in the event of a loss GAP pays the difference of what you may still owe.


At UARK we strongly recommend getting additional coverage for your vehicle and right now we are offering this special coverage for FREE!


Not only can you get an awesome rate starting at 1.45%apr*

but with the refinance of your auto loan from another lender you will get


                                      GAP Insurance for free!


Apply online and use

promo code: W1965



*Annual Percentage Rate. $35 Doc prep fee applies. Offer does not include the refinancing of any loan currently owed to UARK. Rate and terms subject to change without prior notice. Credit conditions apply.