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Christmas Club

Do you find yourself stressed out during the Holiday season because of costly Christmas expenses? Well, UARK is here to make your Holiday shopping season brighter! With our Christmas Club Savings Account, you can start saving for next Christmas now! The earlier you join, the more comfortable you will be during the holidays. The easiest way to build your Christmas Club Account is through regular payroll deductions or direct deposit. Either way, saving for Christmas will be simple and you can watch your money grow!

Starting your Christmas Club Account is easy...

  • An initial deposit of $5 opens your account
  • You may contribute any dollar amount
  • Deposits can be made at any time, as often as you like
  • The monies deposited into your account earns dividends monthly
  • Withdrawals on this account are allowed October 1st through December 24th. Early withdrawals are penalized $5.

For more information on Christmas Club Account, please contact our Member Services Department.

Curious as to what amount you need to save to make everyone's dreams come true this Christmas Holiday? Well, let UARK's Savings Calculator help you determine the amount you need to deliver those Christmas gifts, and put smiles on all your loved ones' faces!

Please visit our Disclosures page for additional information regarding our accounts.

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