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Share & Certificates

Share Rates - Dividends
Regular Share'  $5 opening deposit.05% APY*.05% APR
Super Share'  minimum balance $20,000**.20% APY.20% APR
Premier Checking'  minimum balance $1,000.05% APY.05% APR
Christmas Club' maximum deposit $1,500***1.00% APY1.00% APR
Summer Saver'.35% APY.35% APR
IRA Share'.35% APY.35% APR
Dividends paid monthly based on the average daily balance. Rates and terms quoted
are subject to change without notice and are effictive as of October 15, 2014.
* Annual Percentage Yield
**Balances less than $20,000 will earn Regular Share rate.
***Balances over $1,500 will earn regular share rate.
'Fees may reduce earnings on account.
Certificate Rates - Dividends**
06 Month Certificate.30% APY*.30% APR
12 Month Certificate.40% APY.40% APR
18 Month Certificate.45% APY.45% APR
24 Month Certificate.55% APY.55% APR
30 Month Certificate.60% APY.60% APR
36 Month Certificate.60% APY.60% APR
Dividends paid on average daily balance. Minimum balance for certificates is $500.
* Annual Percentage Yield
**Substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

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