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As you are aware, S. 2155 passed in the Senate, thanks to your grassroots action last month. Now that the bill is in the House, we need your help again. Our intelligence says that the House will vote on the bill in May before the Memorial Day recess. With that in mind, we need you to take action now!

Please contact your Representative today and urge them to Vote Yes on S. 2155. This bill is a good common-sense approach to decreasing the regulatory burden impacting credit unions. S. 2155 protects seniors from elder abuse, makes mortgage processing easier and quicker, increases affordable rental housing in our communities, and most importantly helps my credit union provide better service to members like me.

S. 2155 will benefit 110 million credit union members across the U.S. Tell your Representative to Vote Yes by tweetingcallingemailing them today!

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