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Sign at the Dealership

We have partnered with select auto dealers all over the state of Arkansas to offer auto loans directly at the dealership.

We know that car shopping happens when your schedule allows, and sometimes that means when we’re not open.  With the new UARK Federal Credit Union Dealer Direct Financing program, you can go car shopping at your convenience and still finance with your credit union.  When you make your deal and sit down with the dealership finance manager to finish the transaction just say, “ I want ARCUSO financing with UARK Federal Credit Union.” They have all the paperwork to process your credit union loan on the spot!

So whether you get your auto loan pre-approved ahead of time with one of our loan officers or go to the dealership at night or over the weekend, credit union financing is always available!

For more information regarding UARK's vehicle loans, contact one of our Loan officers, stop by or apply online.

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